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BarCampApacheSydney [Nov. 16th, 2010|11:26 am]
Having had a great time helping to organise a BarCamp in Oxford in June as part of Transfer Summit, another in Atlanta as part of ApacheCon, plus a few at Apache Retreats, it shouldn't be a bit surprise to hear that I'm helping with another in December.

What might be a bit different about this next on is that it'll be in Sydney! Yes, by popular demand, and thanks to several excellent and hard working volunteers on the ground, we're going to be having our first Apache event in Australia!

BarCampApacheSyndey is to be held on Saturday 11th December, at the The Darling Centre at the University of Sydney. In keeping with the Oxford BarCamps, we'll be doing a meal on the Friday night, then a full day's BarCamping on the Saturday.

If you're going to be in (or near!) Syndey around the weekend of Saturday 11th December, you can get more details on the event, plus sign up, on the website: http://barcamp.org/BarCampApacheSydney. See you then!