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Oopps - a tale of aerial woe - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Oopps - a tale of aerial woe [Dec. 4th, 2005|04:59 pm]
[music |Scissor Sisters - Mary]

Recently, we got a new freeview PVR, an Inverto IDL 7000. All the things you'd expect - dual tuner, 14 day EPG, pause live tv, UI nearly as good as a Tivo.

Ever since we've been in Court Place Gardens, we've found the digital TV reception almost, but not quite, good enough. We had no trouble with the major stations, but the others (especially BBC4, ITV3, ITV4 and E4) would give us periodic breakups, and sometimes not even work. With the new PVR, things got a bit more polarised. Some channels we previously had problems with got better, but the others (eg BBC4) we can never get.

When we were at my parents two weekends ago, my Dad gave us their spare TV aerial (they got some snazy digital friendly one). We were hoping it'd be better than the 2 bits of coat hanger that the uni had installed. Yesterday, I went up into the loft with the new aerial (not an easy process). Armed with a compas and the heading to the transmitter from a website, I installed the new aerial. Well, installed as best as I could - swapped the wires round, and wedged the new aerial against some rafters so it was pointing the right way.

When I got back down, I discovered that reception on BBC1 and BBC2 was slightly better than before (as shown from the quality bars). However, it was much worse on all the other channel groups :(

So, back up into the loft I went (really wishing we had a ladder, rather than Hilary having to give me a leg up). I re-attached the cable to the old aerial, re-pointed that the right way, banged my head on the roof a few times, usual stuff. I managed to get it almost as good as it was before, but no better :(

So, next week, a proper aerial installer is coming. He's going to fit a real digital compatible loft aerial, point it the right way, and probably replace some of the dodgy brown coax with nicer stuff. Hopefully after that, everything will work just fine....