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What I'm watching [Jan. 4th, 2006|06:33 pm]
It's been a little while since my last TV show round up, so I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts on what I'm currently watching.

Lost - I got the season 1 dvd box set before Christmas, and I'm been making good progress through it. I'm now about 6 episodes off the end of season 1, and still enjoying it. I wouldn't say I'm gripped enough to rush out and get season 2 (eg from iTunes), but probably enough to look out for the season 2 dvds in 6 months time. I feel the show's working well, with enough variety to keep interest, though there have been a few times when I wished they'd spend a little bit more of the ep on the island, and less in flashbacks.

Commander In Chief - I've been buying episodes of this from iTunes. I'm only 2.5 eps in, but it's shaping up well so far. I feel the introductions to the characters and the situation have been at about the right pace (though not being a West Wing watcher I think a few of the political technical bits rushed past a bit faster than I'd like). There also seems to be a good balance between the feminist and the conservative pulls (and the bits with the "first gentleman" trying to find his feet are really good). They key characters are interesting, though I do feel the writers could use watching some "My Dad's the Prime Minister" to get the president's children to work better. Overall though, good start to the season, and I'll be watching more.

Battlestar Galactica - Season 2 restarts on Friday, and I'll be buying from iTunes. The first half of season 2 was very strong, so I have high hopes for this :)

Veronica Mars - I wasn't sure how they were going to cope with Season 2 and the end of the season 1 mystery. I felt some bits of the early bus crash arc didn't quite work, but apart for some Duncan drippyness, it does seem to have found its form again. I'm looking forward to seeing if they can keep it up for the rest of the season. Oh, but with more Mac and Wallace :)

Smallville - I keep being tempted to give up on this, then they have a good episode and drag me back in. Season 5 is struggling to move from school to college, and not always making it. There are gems in most episodes, but the overall quality isn't nearly as consistent as it has been in past seasons. That said, the stories are enough to keep me watching for now, but I'm not sure they're good enough to get me to recommend it to people who've already given up.

Jeeves and Worcester - we've been watching these on ITV3, when we can spot them on (they seem to hop between Saturday and Wednesday, and our PVR isn't quite smart enough to track these changes itself). Absolutely brilliant stuff, everyone should watch it! The scripts are sparkling, the acting superb, it fits wonderfully, what more could you want?

Cold Cases - I happened across this on Sky 3 (or Sky Travel, since they seem to have forgotten to update the name of their channel....), and it's quite an interesting one. A US show about two detectives who work on old murder cases where evidence has come to light. A bit over-fond of the end of episode "all comes together" montage, and some of the interviewing of suspects is dodgy (confessing without lawyers present etc), but overall it works quite well. They're not falling into the trap of every episode being the same (just yet, at any rate!), so give it a try if you can get Sky 3.

Oh, and I have the Erie Indiana dvd box set somewhere, in case I get bored of any of those / have some spare time....