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Dark Angel [Mar. 10th, 2003|01:00 pm]
[music |Catatonia - International Velvet]

Now for a somewhat smaller post...

I got a bit of money unexpectidly a week back (always a pleasant suprise, it was because of some work I'd done a few years back). Most of it went into the general pot marked "to live on", but I thought I'd buy a DVD or two with a small bit of it.

At that very moment, the new SFX appeared, and lo, the back cover had an advert for the Dark Angel S1 DVDs. I'd seen a few eps on TV, and thought it was pretty cool, so I bought the DVDs.

I've been watching an ep or two every few nights, and I'm really impressed with it. Fast moving, deep and thought out "history", side characters who do actually get fleshed out and you actually feel for etc. Yeah, there are a few nagging plot devices thrown in, but generally I like it. But then it is directed by James Cameron, so you'd expect nothing less.

When I've seen them all, I lend the DVDs around, so everyone else can see how great it is.

Just a shame they haven't got a third series. Why do the networks insist on cancelling great shows? Muppets the lot of them....