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Covered Market [Feb. 19th, 2006|04:06 pm]
As many of you will know, I'm involved in two collaborative mapping / information projects, the Oxford OpenGuide and OpenStreetMap.

As best I can tell, there isn't a map of the covered market online, let alone one that is under a suitable license (such that it can be inluded in OOG or OSM). So, yesterday I decided to create one.

It took me about an hour to wander around the covered market, drawing a map and recording the names of all the shops. It was actually quite good fun, and I did end up discovering a few shops I didn't know about (not bad after nearly 7 years in Oxford!). Then, I came home, and attempted to draw a map.

I think my first attempt has come out quite well. I'm not sure I have the various scales exactly correct (shop width vs avenue width, shop width vs shop length etc), but I think it's not that far off. The source SVG is on the site above, so do feel free to send me updates :)

With my map online and used in the Covered Market OOG entry, then I turned to writing OOG entries for some of the shops there. When I started, just 4 shops (of 56) had entries. After a few hours of writing about all the places there that I know, there are now 23.

That does leave a few to go, so do jump in if your favourite covered market shop isn't listed / doesn't have all the info you think it needs.