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Podcasting to CD [Mar. 23rd, 2006|11:28 pm]
(I've decided that there's a piece of software I need. I'm posting about it here in case someone already knows of something that does all this, so I won't need to bother writing it!)

Most of the time that I spend listening to spoken word is in the car, on the way to or from work. (That works out at about 30-40 minutes a day). Despite many attempts, I just can't listen to spoken word stuff when at work, or even at home coding or browsing the web - I can only concentrate on one of the information streams, and the other slips by un-groked :(

So, at work and at home I listen to music, and it's just in the car where I can potentially listen to podcasts. Normally I listen to radio 4 in the car, but it's not always as interesting as some of the podcasts out there. So, my potential podcast listening is in the car, in place of the radio. Owing to the crappiness of my car stereo (basic mondeo one), this means I need to get the podcasts off the internet, and onto a cd.

My plan was for some software that you feed podcast feeds to, and it monitors for them and downloads them (probably via bashpod or similar). Then for the nifty bit - it loads the details of the podcast into a database (when downloaded, how long it is, and the fact that it hasn't been burnt). You can then go to it and ask what podcasts it has that you haven't burnt to disk. It will suggest combinations to best use a cd. As you can tag podcasts as "don't burn this time" or "don't burn ever", it updates the best cd fits. Finally, you feed it a blank cd (or two), and it builds wavs, writes a TOC (with suitable 5/10 minute blocks), and burns it out for you.

Oh, and it probably also has options to load up the podcasts in xmms, or push them out to my rio karma.

Anyone know of anything like this, or am I going to have to knock something up myself?

In other (related) news, the Open GeoData podcast is really good, even if it was quite a faff to get it onto cd....