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More cycling [Jun. 24th, 2006|02:30 pm]
This week, I did manage to do quite a bit more cycling to/from work. My new bike is very nice, and when it's not too windy makes the rides fun.

On Monday we had a "cycle to work day" at work. There was a very nice breakfast laid on for anyone who'd cycled, which did turn out to be about half of us. Annoyingly though, the train I was getting in was late, so it would've been quicker to just cycle in the whole way. If only I'd known in advance!

I cycled back with David and Gillian on Monday evening, and we took the Eynsham roue. I'd previously checked on a map, and it's a little further than the Woodstock route for me, but shorter for David. We had a nice relaxed ride, but I wasn't that struck with the traffic between Eynsham and Botley.

(On Tuesday, I mostly slept, having gone to the datacentre on Monday night, getting back at 5.30am...)

Wednesday saw the fun of getting my car serviced, so I cycled in from the Kidlington Motorpark. I don't think that many people do cycle having dropped off their cars, as I did get some funny looks from the staff at the garage :)

I cycle-train-cycle'd on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, which does work well if the trains are on time (which they're not always, especially in the evenings, and it does cost a fiver). Thursday evening I cycled back to get my car, and on Friday I drove as I had too much crap to bring home from the office.

All in all, a fun cycling week, despite the wind. I think I'm going to aim to cycle in once or twice a week for the rest of the summer, especially if more free breakfasts can be arranged :)

From: hsenag
2006-06-24 02:20 pm (UTC)
Would looking up whether the train is already running late before you leave on the live departure boards website help?
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From: gagravarr
2006-06-24 03:36 pm (UTC)
No, it lies. The 18.10 train is always expected at 18.15, then 18.27, and then it finally turns up at 18.50 (with the board still saying 18.27)

If you're really lucky, the one coming the other way goes through first, with the display board still telling you your train is due 15 minutes ago....
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