Nick (gagravarr) wrote,

Track uploader for

Until now, the only way to get tracks collected with off your phone has been to use something like FExplorer.

While using FExplorer isn't that much of a faff, it's still a little bit more faff than most people really want. So, I've written a stand-alone track uploader / converter / details displayer / etc:

It allows you to see which tracks you have collected. It shows you details on those tracks (file size, # of points, first timestamp, last timestamp etc). It lets you delete these tracks, before or after upload. It allows you to pick your upload format (NMEA, or GPX). Finally, the main thing - it lets you upload your tracks over bluetooth to your computer.

Hopefully, this'll make using that little bit easier :)

(In case anyone's wondering, it's not integrated into as there's a bug in S60 python, and you can't switch between the Canvas view and the Listbox view without crashing!)

Update: v0.05 now out, which produces GPX files that OpenStreetmap is happier with
Update 2: v0.07 now out, which doesn't switch the month and the minute fields (doh!)
Update 3: v0.09 now out, with a few bug fixes, and a .sis file (v1 / v2 only, sorry)
Update 4: v0.10 now out, which support compressing the files it sends, and renaming files


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