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The Move [Sep. 12th, 2006|08:19 pm]
On Saturday, with lots of help from Dom, Gillian and David, we moved into our new flat. It only took 3 loads of the transit van, and even with collecting a few things from other places, only took about 8 hours.

Saturday night was spent eating pizza, drinking sparkling red wine (Banrock Station sparkling Shiraz. Very nice, though I should pay more attention to the label when purchasing...), and chilling out. Sunday was cleaning day, which was much less fun....

Unpacking is nearly done, I just need to assemble our new bookshelf, and put crap onto it. Oh, and then shuffle a few other things round, and possibly buy some more furniture. Isn't moving fun?

We still don't have a phone (BT wholesale forgot to order the move, despite the phone coop telling them to), and probably won't get one for another day or three. That means no internet of our own for at least a week. So, we're left borrowing other people's wireless (we can see 8 networks from the flat, 2 of which are wide open), or using 3g over bluetooth.

Once we've finished all the unpacking, we can decide just how many people our flat can hold. With that decided, we can organise some sort of house warming party. Photos should follow around then, when it's looking less of a tip!

The flat itself is very nice. Being on the top floor (of 3), it does get a lot more light than our old house. Afternoons are particularly nice, with the sun coming in through the balcony doors and lighting up the whole of the lounge. The view of the canal, and the very edge of the lock is good, you just have to not look too far, otherwise you see the industrial estate on the other side....

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From: gagravarr
2006-09-12 08:46 pm (UTC)
None of the vans were more than half full vertically - too much fragile stuff!

23rd might well be do-able, prod me nearer the time :)
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