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Life [Oct. 3rd, 2006|10:11 pm]
I've been quite busy since moving in, hence the lack of posting. We only got our internet connection at home sorted yesterday (took 3 weeks to get a working phoneline, bah!), but at least that's all sorted now.

The move went well (especially thanks to Gillian, Dom and David), and we (ok, Hilary) unpacked pretty quickly. All that remains now is to hang up the last few pictures, freecycle the last few spare bits, and have a housewarming. I think we've pretty much settled on a date, and the number of people the flat will hold for a party, so hopefully we can send out invites shortly :)

Otherwise, Hilary has handed in, we had a nice weekend in Bruges (another post to follow), and we've had lots on. Term starts this weekend, so things are bound to get even busier...

Oh, and as you might've guessed, I've been doing lots more mapping. With the help of many others, we now have pretty maps for Oxford, the East Cotswolds, and a few bits of Belgium. Shiny maps :)