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Canada [Dec. 6th, 2006|08:21 pm]
This summer, Hilary and I didn't manage to go away for a long break, as Hilary was so busy with her placement and her thesis. So, we decided we'd try for a winter break instead.

We've finally managed to find some suitable dates, that fitted in with both our lives, and when BA had spare airmiles seats. So, we're off to Canada in late February :)

Our plan is to spend the first week in Montreal, staying somewhere fairly central. After that, we're going to get the train to Toronto. We'll have a few days in Toronto, then go and see some of Hilary's relatives near Toronto, then back into the city just before we head home.

So, any suggestions on what we ought to see in Montreal and Toronto would be greatly appreciated. I'm also interested to hear if I can feasibly sneak off for a day's skiing at some point (Hilary's not a fan, so we're not having any time specifically at a ski resort)

The only downside of the trip is we're going to miss Ganesh and Amanda's wedding. Annoyingly, the other two week block we had in mind (that wouldn't have clashed with the wedding) already had all the airmiles seats used up :(