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Hurtling Southbound - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hurtling Southbound [Jan. 20th, 2007|02:14 pm]
I eventually made it to Glasgow on Wednesday, a mere 10 and a half hours after I left home. Still, I did a lot better than Dom and Gillian, who tried to get the train up on Thursday. They eventually ended up driving, appearing at close to 1 in the morning!

The weather on Thursday in Glasgow wasn't bad. It snowed early on, but wasn't too windy, and when the snow turned to rain it wasn't too hard. I found it quite hard to believe how bad the weather was further south, since I'm used to thinking that weather like that gets worse the further north you head. Oh well, wrong again!

I spent Thursday in the University library, looking through their old maps. I helped date their 7th Edition OS maps (mostly from the early 1960s, but there were 14 that are out of copyright). I then spent the rest of the day in the stacks, dipping into their amazingly large collection of un-catalogued maps. A lot of it was 1960s and 1970s OS maps of most of the world (of various scales and interests). There were also all sorts of small scale (1:2500 and 1:10,000) maps of Scotland, some from the turn of the 20th century. It's going to need a full cataloging though, to see just how complete it is.

Yesterday, I spent a little bit of time back in the stacks, then borrowed the 14 out-of-copyright maps, and headed off into south east Glasgow. Not that long later, I returned, with all 14 scanned by a very helpful document management company (the price wasn't too bad either).

Now, I'm on a train back home. It seems fairly empty, and is on time, which is impressive given the chaos left yesterday. Despite the cloud, the borders are looking very nice as we hurtle past them. My t-mobile PAYG sim is behaving (max data charge is a quid a day, you can't go wrong), and I'm managing to hold a gprs session (with the odd patch of 3g). Good enough for email and the odd bit of web browsing, but the uplink's a bit pants for uploading maps.

So, I'm sitting back, drinking tea, and preparing to tile up a bunch of maps (ready to upload when I get home). Just a shame that my train turns into a bus at Milton Keynes...