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Canada [Feb. 5th, 2007|10:38 pm]
It's just over a week until Hilary and I jet off to Canada for a fortnight. I've got a lot to fit in at work before I go, not to mention talking at the Oxford Geek Nights on Wednesday, Hilary's post-viva celebrations on Thursday, and various things for Hils+Gils birthday over the weekend. Hopefully I'll find time to pack...

We've got a week in Montreal, which is looking fairly open, and a week in and around Toronto, which is looking busier. I'm not yet sure how easy internet access will be to come by (more in terms of convenience and WAF, rather than anything else!), so I may or may not let everyone know what we're up to. Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll have lots of nice photos when we get back :)