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Next few days [Feb. 19th, 2007|12:00 pm]
I've finally found an internet cafe, which was much harder than I'd have thought it'd be. The trouble seems to be that there are tonnes of places offering free wireless, a fair number with paid wireless, and the odd random (doubtless virus/spyware infected) computer in the back of a coffee shop. Very few traditional internet cafes, and I found this one by chance! Walking round in the snow at -20oC to find one isn't something you can keep up for all that long!

Anyway, what've we been up to in the last few days? We went out to the Olympic Park, and got some great views of the city from the top of the leaning tower. We also went for a swim in the pool (though it was set up for widths, so it was effectively only 25m, and it was too hot). We also went to the Biodome, and enjoyed looking at the plants, birds and fish there.

We spent some time looking round the Old Town (Vieux-Montréal). For a resident of Oxford, there weren't actually all that many stunning old buildings, but there were a fair few interesting ones. Annoyingly though, lots of them are closed for the "low season" (jan to march), so we couldn't see as much as we'd wanted to. The most impressive bit was Notre-Dame de Montréal Basilica. On the outside, it's pretty dull for a church. On the inside, it's mind blowing, with a blue and gold theme, stained glass parts of the roof and more. I got some good photos, but I've no way to upload them yet, so take a look at the wikipedia article to see some :)

I've made it to quite a few of museums and galleries, but most are either shut for the winter, or were shut on the day I turned up :( I'm hoping to get a few more today though.

Oh, and I haven't made it skiing. My plan had been to go on Friday or today (the rates are significantly higher on weekends, and since we're here in the week, it didn't seem worth paying the extra). Friday had been my first choice, but high winds, drifting snow and a nasty wind chill put paid to that. Today would've been nice weather wise, but the 9am bus didn't seem to stop at the ski resort, and I didn't fancy being dropped off somewhere random and having to wander about trying to find a connecting bus for the indeterminate distance. True, I could've got the 7am bus, which does stop there, but I'm on holiday!

Tomorrow, we're saying goodbye to Montreal, and heading off to Toronto by train. For now, I'm off in search of an open museum....