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Toronto [Feb. 23rd, 2007|12:19 pm]
After leaving the internet cafe, I wandered around downtown Montreal, visiting lots of closed museums. I did find a very nice (free!) museum of the history of Canadian currency in one of the banks in the old city, which handily didn't follow the monday museum closing that most of the other ones did. I then headed off to one of the islands in the river, and had a wander around in the snow.

The train to Toronto was pretty good, though it did go through patches where it was very bumpy. It was pretty much on time, had larger seats than UK trains do in standard class, and had a trolley selling tea and coffee.

We spent two nights in the centre of Toronto, but only had one full day. We did the CN Tower, which had great views over the city. The lake looked really nice, the city itself slightly less so.... Another good find was the Toronto Dominion Gallery of Inuit Art. This was a free museum, tucked away in the foyer of a bank downtown, with lots of interesting Inuit art from the 1950s to the present. Oh, and we did some shopping.

Yesterday, we hired a car (ahh, it's all on the wrong side!), and headed out to stay with Hilary's aunt just outside the city. More on that another time, as we're off out somewhere now....