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[LJ2ME] Goodbye Toronto - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] Goodbye Toronto [Feb. 27th, 2007|07:32 pm]
[mood |Tired but happy]

We're currently on the airport bus, slowly making our way from downtown Toronto out to the airport. It's a good job we left lots of time for it...

Yesterday, we drove our hire car back to the city, despite the snow. After a spot of shopping, we went for a wander to a park, and got to a museum after it'd closed.

For dinner, we returned to a very nice vegetarian restaurant we'd found, le Commensal. It's on the corner of Bay street and Elm street (entrance on the latter). It's a buffet restaurant, with a very large choice, where they charge by the weight of your dinner. The cost was about $15 per person per person, and the food was certainly worth double that :)

Today I once again failed to buy a Nintendo Wii, checking 5 stores, all of which were out of stock, and had no idea when they'd get their next shipment. That was the case everytime I tried in downtown, and at the mall. Guess I'll have to buy one in the uk (canadian ebay prices were higher than uk list, when you factored in the east shipping I'd need).

After lunch, we went to the Art Gallery of Ontario, in the hope of seeing some canadian landscape paintings from the group of seven. Unfortunately, during some building work, they're closed monday and tuesday :(

So, we went to the nearby Royal Ontario Museum. This had a really interesting exhibit on the first peoples, that's well worth a look. We also looked at the reptiles exhibit, which wasn't bad.

Finally, we went to the Ontario Provintial Parliament. Here we enjoyed a (free) half hour tour of the building, and learnt a bit about the history and workings of the province and parliament. Also worth a visit, if it's not sitting (since you can then go into the chamber)

Now we just have to try and get some sleep on the flight...