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Jericho Bound - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Jericho Bound [Mar. 23rd, 2007|06:51 pm]
Back in the summer, when we needed to find a new house, we weren't sure where Hilary would be working. At the time, she was pondering/applying for things in Oxford, Bristol, Teddington and Didcot. So, we decided it'd be sensible to get a flat near the station, and only get a 6ish month lease, thus giving us flexibility to move if Hilary's job needed it.

In the end, we signed an 8 month lease on our place in Millbank, with the letting agents telling us it was almost always fine to extend the lease out to 12 months.

A week or so ago, the letting agents wrote to tell us our lease was nearly up, and to ask us how long we'd like to extend our contract for. We told them late September (when Hilary's contract with the University runs out), and sent them the cheque for renewing. They contact the landlord to check that'd be fine, and that's when we hit a snag. Our landlord decided to sell the flat, so declined our request to extend the contract, though indicating we could probably move out a bit earlier if we wanted to.

On Wednesday, we got the confirmation from the letting agents that the landlord wasn't going to go for any sort of extension on the flat, so I arranged to go and see a few places that were available on a 6 month lease. This morning, I saw a few, and we opted for a flat in Jericho, just off Juxon Street (that's the one with Le Petit Blanc at one end), on a 6 month lease (which takes us to just past the end of Hilary's contract). This one too should have an option to extend, but we'll have to see!

So, we're moving flats around the 14th/15th April. The new flat is in a block that I think dates from the 70s, and is entirely owned and managed by the letting agents we're using, which hopefully will make things simpler. It's a 1 bed flat, with a lounge / dining room of similar size to the current one, though it's square rather than long. Kitchen's a similar size, bedroom a bit bigger, and they're currently re-painting and re-carpeting the whole place.

It'll be nice to be back in Jericho, though it's a faff we're going to have to move everything a mere 7 months after the last time :/