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[LJ2ME] New flat - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] New flat [Apr. 18th, 2007|07:41 am]
[mood |Enjoying the sun]

With help from Dom, David and Gillian, we moved into our new flat on Saturday. It is a little smaller than the last one, but it is nice, and we've mostly found places to put everything!

It's nice being back in Jericho, and doubly nice to be there with enough disposable income to be able to enjoy it (unlike as a student). While it wasn't that far to Jericho from the old flat, it was past a psychological barrier, so we rarely went. Now, it (and all the nice pubs, shops and restaurants) are just there, so we can enjoy them.

The cycle to the station is quite a bit longer, but still sub 10 minutes. If I haven't got a ticket, I need to brave the traffic and traffic lights on Walton Street and Hythe Bridge Street, which isn't much fun. If I do have one, I can take Walton Well Road over the canal and railway, then the quiet cycle path to the platform 2 entrance, which is a much nicer route.

We're not thinking about having a flat warming (with all our stuff in, it's probably too small), but we might have a bbq later in the year, if we're allowed one on the grass outside the flats.