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Wireless fun [Apr. 19th, 2007|08:42 pm]
In theory, BT OpenReach are going to sort out my ADSL tomorrow. I'd been hoping they'd do it a day or two early, but they don't seem to have :(

The obvious other option for internet at home is to use bluetooth to connect to my phone, then T Mobile (with their £1 for a day's internet access on PAYG). Only snag is that bluetooth dongles are really tiny, and I lost mine in the move :( New one should be here in a few days.

Next up, I tried looking for open wireless networks that my normal wireless AP could see (it's a really old ME 102 b only one, but it still works). It could see one, a FON one, but didn't quite have the signal strength to connect. So, I logged into my own FON router (a Linksys WRT, running Fon's version of OpenWRT), and prodded it a bit. Since it runs linux, I was able to switch it into client mode, and get it to connect to the Fon AP I could see. Perhaps not quite what FON had in mind, but hey!

With it connected, I turned off the usual FON proxy, dns, dhcp stuff etc, then told it to route traffic for my computer (plugged into the internet port) out over the wireless. Some prodding and poking later, and it was. I fired up a web browser, asked for any page, and was redirected to the fon portal. Since I have a FON router that anyone else can use (well, when it's not being a client...), I logged in, and got online for free.

The connection can be a bit laggy, and it is an evil setup, but it works, and I'm online :)

Now to hope I really do get ADSL tomorrow, then I can put my FON router back to its normal state.