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[LJ2ME] The trip back - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] The trip back [May. 8th, 2007|07:47 am]
ApacheCon was really good. I got to go to loads of interesting talks, talk to lots of interesting people between sessions, and there was very large amounts of free beer :)

As Saturday was another national holiday (as was Friday, which meant our plan to meet in Dam Square was thwarted by a large ceremony), a lot of the museums were shut, and the rest very busy. So, I ended up spending the morning wandering about the city, before realising just how far south I'd got, and having to walk very fast back into town!

The Thalis pulled into the station 15 minutes early, so I had time to get settled before we left. The journey went well until Rotterdam, when we got stuck behind a broken down train, and just sat at a random station for 35 minutes. It's a good job I had a decent wait in Brussels!

From looking online, it seems that they are about to open a new, high speed line from Brussels to Amsterdam, which explains the shiny new, but un-used track we ran next to a few times. It should knock over an hour off the journey, to about 1.40, which'll be good for next year :)

As I didn't have as long as expected in Brussels, I decided to just stay in the station. On finding a cafe with a power point, I discovered that my dutch adapter didn't work, and had to go and buy another. After that, I sat in the internet cafe charging my laptop, and failed to find a way to buy any time on the wireless in the station.

As I didn't finish charging, after the Eurostar checkin, I tried to find another power point. There weren't any, but I did discover that a few of the Eurostar carriages have power sockets in them! A quick change of seat later, and I had power for the journey home :)