Nick (gagravarr) wrote,

Talking to the internal GPS in my N95 from Python

Woot! It's now possible to access the series 60 v3 Location API from python, via the nifty new LocationRequestor python module.

With LocationRequestor, you get a friendly python shim around the low level Location API. This means that you can pick which Location service to access (such as the internal GPS on your N95, or a pre-defined external bluetooth GPS on other s60 v3 phones). You can them register to get position updates, fetch the status of satellites etc.

This evening, I thought I'd have a quick stab at adding support for all of this to 4 hours later, and I've managed it, but the name of the program is starting to look a bit wrong...

So, if you grab the latest (v23), it will by default just talk to a bluetooth gps, as before. However, if it detects that you have LocationRequestor installed, it will switch to using that instead. When running with LocationRequestor, it will try for the internal gps, and fall back on an external one if there's no internal one (eg you're not lucky enough to have a N95). Other than that, it should behave as before.

Oh, and it even fakes nmea gga log lines, so that the existing position logging should "just work" as before :)
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