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Last Weekend [Jun. 26th, 2007|08:13 pm]
Last weekend, I headed down to Bournemouth to see my parents, and do a spot of mapping. The journey down took quite a lot longer than it should've done, owing to a combination of rain, and virgin trains being un-able to communicate with their staff when things go wrong :( Still, it only cost me 7 quid for the ticket, so I probably can't complain too much....

As I've done the last couple of times I've been to Bournemouth, I took my bike with me. Oxford's pretty much all mapped now, except for a few patches miles away, so I haven't been doing much mapping up here. Bournemouth now has most of the major roads, but I do appear to be the only one doing comprehensive mapping there. You can tell roughly where my parents live from where all the dense mapping surrounds!

Bournemouth OSM coverage

In the end, I only had time and weather for one series mapping cycle (it's not fun trying to cycle round and write down road names in the pissing rain). As usual, I was using my nmea_info.py to do the logging, and it all worked really well. As it had been a little while, I did make a few silly mistakes, such as skipping one little area, and picking too large an area to note down on one bit of paper.

I think that's possibly one of the hardest bits, trying to figure out a sensible sized, self contained area to map in a sub-session. Too large an area and you have trouble fitting all the names onto your bit of paper, and it's harder to ensure you cover everything. Too small and you end up doubling back more than you might, and drawing it up after takes ages (since all the road names are fragmented over a dozen bits of paper). Next time I think I might just zip through the area once to get a feel for it, then mentally divide it up into zones to map. At least the next area to do isn't somewhere I think I know, so I won't get caught out with the realisation half way through that I don't know it as well as I thought I did, and my mis-conceptions mean I've got too large a sector for my bit of paper...