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N95 / N80 VoIP Fun - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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N95 / N80 VoIP Fun [Jul. 11th, 2007|09:35 pm]
Since my N95 is unlocked and unbranded, it does sip / internet telephony straight out of the box. The other two N95s in the office came vodafone branded, but we soon fixed that. I also de-branded the two old N80s in the office, and all the sip stuff suddenly appeared.

My initial goal was to get these phones talking to our office asterisk system over wifi. I'd tried a few weeks back with my N95 on the v11 software, but it wouldn't stay connected for more than about a minute. With the new v12 N95 firmware, that bug is fixed, and they work great. (So if you've got a N95, upgrade to v12 before playing with SIP) The N80s on the new v5 firmware also work just great.

Armed with a very helpful page from voip-info.org, I was able to get all the phones signing on just fine to the asterisk server over wifi. The nice thing is that if you put the internet telephony app on the quick-launch menu, it behaves slightly differently. Fire it up the first time, it detects the wireless, identifies the profile with that defines, and signs on. Fire it up again, it offers to disconnect. Makes it really easy to connect and disconnect as required, so you don't drain the battery.

After a bit of dialplan-foo, I was able to get asterisk to route calls to their mobile if it was online, or to their desk phone if not. When online, calls can be made out via the office phonelines (just remember to prefix that 9!), and it's all great. In case you're interested, the dialplan magic we're using is something like:
exten => tom.dyson,hint,Sip/tom-desk
exten => tom.dyson,1,Set(online=${SIPPEER(tom:status)})
exten => tom.dyson,2,NoOp(${online})
exten => tom.dyson,3,GotoIf($["${online:0:2}" = "OK"]?5:4)
exten => tom.dyson,4,GotoIf($["${online:0:3}" = "LAG"]?5:6)
exten => tom.dyson,5,Dial(Sip/tom,30,t)
exten => tom.dyson,6,Dial(Sip/tom-desk,30,t)
exten => tom.dyson,7,Goto(voicemail,tom.dyson,1)
exten => tom.dyson,107,Goto(voicemail,tom.dyson,1)

Now that the phones all play nicely with sip and wireless, we can also make use of "4g" operators (mobile phone operators without a radio network, who just use sip+wifi). One such operator I played with a while ago is TruPhone. When you sign up, they allocate you a second mobile number out of their range, which is routed to your phone over the internet. If your phone happens to be offline at the time, they'll forward the call onto your normal mobile number, which is pretty handy.

Since I last had a look, they've introduced a new configuration wizard for the phone, so you don't need to know nearly as much to be able to use it. The other very nice thing is that they're burning through their venture capitol by offering free landline calls to a whole bunch of countries, including the UK and the US. Free real calls over the internet :)

Oh, and in slightly related news, I rang up vodafone to renew my contract. I told them I didn't need any more minutes or texts (don't use all the ones I get), but that I also didn't need a new handset, as I'd just bought one. They've given me a new 12 month contract, where the first 9 (yes, nine) months are half price line rental. I'm now paying the same for my data package as for all the texts and voice minutes I can use.... It's worth knowing that such cheap packages can be had if you want a contract, but don't need the handset they normally subsidise.

From: (Anonymous)
2007-07-12 09:00 am (UTC)

Connecting to Asterisk

If you go onto www.wifimobile.com and select the Corporate client you can download an application that connects ANY Nseries or Eseries phone to an IP PBX like Asterisk whether the phone has the 'SIP stuff' or not. WiFiMobile are offering this for free at the moment.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-02-05 11:59 am (UTC)

great post


I love this idea and I am planning my new bathroom...so this is what you might see later!!
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