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Etoomanywebsites [Mar. 28th, 2003|06:36 pm]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Chumbawumba - Tubthumping]

I have too many websites I'm responsible for, grrr...

Still, trying to ditch a few of them, but it's proving difficult. The Lifesaving Site I should hand mostly off to the new secretary come the start of time. Could be an interesting handover though - the site is templated using some evil perl code written by Alex Gough (Quidity), which means any new features wanted need to be written by me (it's taken me 2 years to learn how to modify it...). Oh, and this means the source content files live on a handy unix system (now linux.ox.ac.uk), so whoever updates the site needs to know how to log into a linux box and edit files. The new secretary is intellegent, quick learning, but only knowns the windows world, so this could be interesting....

Another one I really need to ditch is the Sports Federation Site, which I only took on to secure Lifesaving more cash.... Most of the work on that one has now been done, and it's now shiny SHTML based, almost as tidy as the templating on the lifesaving site, and far less of a headf*ck to change / add templating stuff. Oh, and it has lots of shiny XML hiding underneath it for sports listings etc. Doing that lot in XML did raise some eyebrows from my friends at the time, but I'm convinced now it was a good call. I've found it really easy to tweak the site layout (seperating data from layout info is always a good thing), and feeding the XML data into programs to check links are live is much easier than giving the page out. Also, I've been asked to add something else to the safety section. By adding two new tags, and adding a tweaked XML -> HTML parser, I'll be able to launch this new section in record time, without large scale duplication. All seems good.

Also taking time are the Uni Lifesaving Site (has XML for various things, equally handy), my site and my older site. Really ought to consolidate those...

Thankfully I've recently lost the JCR site and the Rowing site. Unfortunately, they look like they're going slightly to pot, where they have been updated.... Ah well, these things happen

Right, time to go updates a few more bits of websites (while praising the magic that is decent templating for text + XML for data), before going to the pub and then the Pheonix. The pub is the Bookbinders, but that's the subject of another post I might get round to doing tomorrow