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[LJ2ME] The Fringe - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] The Fringe [Aug. 12th, 2007|04:19 pm]

Once again, I'm up at the fringe. After a fairly good train journey up on Friday night, Alex and I saw three shows yesterday, then went to find Ollie. Today we're aiming for 7 shows, 5 or 6 tomorrow, then a couple on Tuesday before our afternoon train home.

First up, we saw 'Change'. This was a five person play about a 50 something mid level nsa analyst going nowhere. Suddenly, his work on Iran is of importance, and he's being promoted, and asked to compromise. Almost all of it was good, very thoughtful, but some of arguments were badly directed. 3.5 stars

Then, we headed to the cavern at the Pleasance, for another powerful show on the middle east (we saw Girl Blog From Iraq from there last year). This was a one woman show, where she play each person in a cafe in Tel Aviv in turn, being interviewed. It presented most sides, with great passion and feeling. Each person's story was interrupted by a suicide bomb blast, and it you felt for it. You left moved, informed and depressed. 5 stars

Finally yesterday, we saw Teenage Kicks. This was all about John Peel's middle days at radio one, the period with another John as his manager. It's all from before I got into Peel, but it was still of interest. Lots of whitty dialogue, a fair spattering of good music, and great fun. 4 stars