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[LJ2ME] Fringe the 2nd - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] Fringe the 2nd [Aug. 12th, 2007|04:23 pm]

Today, we made a fairly early start to our fringe day, and were in town by 11. This gave us time to collect tickets for most of the rest of our time here, before wandering off for our first show.

We were seeing The Early Edition, with Marcus Brigstock, Andre Vincent, and two guests. To our delight, today was Punt and Denis :) It was a wonderful hour of news related jokes and ramblings, and very radio 4. Worth at least one visit, if not more! 5 stars

Next up was Duck Variations. Two guys, one bench, lots of conversations, most of them about ducks. I found most of the bits a bit wierd, and not enough of them humourous. 2.5 stars

Then we took a walk to underbelly, and picked a show to see. We opted for the well reviewed Painkillers, and two woman show. It was dark, and featured some arty projections at points. A journalist interviews a husband killer, and each try and get inside the others head. It's very raw, and very compelling. 4.5 stars

All going well, there are 4 more shows to see today :)

From: zihuatenejo
2007-08-13 08:27 am (UTC)
You are wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong on Duck Variations. That is all.
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