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Final day at the Fringe - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Final day at the Fringe [Aug. 14th, 2007|03:31 pm]
We weren't sure exactly what time we'd get in this morning, so we hadn't booked anything too early. In the end, we did get in before half 9, so we opted for Beethoven For Breakfast. Unfortunately, so had everyone else it seemed, and it'd sold out. Must've been a good concert :/

Instead, we wandered over to C, and saw Shakespeare For Breakfast (free coffee and croissant). We'd seem their show last year, so had a fair idea of what to expect. Lots of sillyness involving Shakespearian characters, with as many lines from the plays included as possible. On the whole, it worked pretty well, and was good fun (if slightly forgettable). It's also probably the best play on before about half 11! 3.5 stars

There wasn't quite time to fit another show in, and we couldn't see anything worth sprinting about for, so we opted for a museum instead. The Museum of Scotland is handily placed on George IV Bridge, just round from C, so we headed there. The building itself is worth a see if nothing else, and it has loads of exhibits. We spent most of our time in the history of science section, which was on the whole pretty good, though it probably could've used a few more over-arching descriptions of the exhibit cases, to better put them in context. Plenty of interest to see, and it's free :)

For our final show of the fringe, it was Someone To Watch Over Me. Another dark and minimalist play, this time covering 3 western hostages in Lebanon in the 80s. It was a very powerful and touching performance, and featured more humour than you might expect, as the captives attempted to keep their spirits up. 4.5 stars