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[LJ2ME] Ljubljana - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] Ljubljana [Sep. 9th, 2007|09:36 am]
We're now on the train back to Venice, having spent a great few days in Ljubljana. The sun is shining, and it ought to be a nice day to wander around, once we get in.

On our first night in Ljubljana, we made it to the hostel fairly easily. It was just as cool and colourful as we'd expected from the guide books. We were quickly joined by a couple of OSMers, so cheap cocktails and nice Slovenian food followed. Bryan managed to buy a round of dinner, it was so cheap!

It was a great evening, with much talking of geekery. We were also given lots of tips on where to go the next day. With nice cheap beer to, we enjoyed ourselves.

Friday dawned bright, which was a slight faff as our top floor room lacked any curtains. It was a little bit overcast when we set off, but a perfect temperature for walking around the city. Our first port of call were the central bridges - The Dragon Bridge, with its impressive green-copper dragon statues on each edge, and the Three Bridges, now car free. The latter wasn't quite as impressive as I'd expected, but it did look good all lit up later that night.

Our walk up to the castle was interrupted by a free modern sculpture exhibition in the town hall. The building itself is worth a visit, and we enjoyed a good many of the sculptures. Shame all the information was only in Slovene, so we were left guessing for a few of them...

The castle sits on a hill overlooking the town, in the middle of a steep curve in the river. It's a surprisingly long walk up, most of it through forrest, so Bryan and I were put in mind of Montreal. Our path up brought us out near the entrance, and we were soon inside (no charge for anything except the Tower +Museum). There were some nice views from the battlements, as we were at least two church spires up. We then opted for the tower.

The tower rises out of one corner of the castle, and climbs up quite a distance. You can see it from much of the town. We got there just before a showing of a 3d film on Ljubljana (included in the ticket). This was interesting and visually impressive, though never quite covered things in the detail we were interested in. After the film, we climbed up to the top, and drank in the views. We could see all of the city, the surrounding green hills, and on to the mountains of the alps. It's certainly a must-see.

After a spot of lunch in a riverside cafe, we visited the Cathedral. Initially, we thought it had to be closed (despite being within opening hours), but we eventually discovered an unlocke door and headed in. There were several others inside, so we came to the conclusion that they didn't go in for open doors, or other similar welcoming signs. It was visually impressive, so we planned to visit a few more.

After popping into Sokol (a bar/restaurant noted for it's meaty Slovenian cuisine) for coffee and free wifi, we headed across Kongresni Trg to the Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity. This had a stunning, not very church like front, and an interior that used the light stone very well. The alter looked particually good, against it's plain backdrop.

After a few more squares and gardens, we got to the Serbian church. This is small but tall, and every space inside is covered in frescos. Quite different to the other two, but worth a look.

Finally, we tried to see the modern art gallery, bu it closed earlier than our guidebook said (6pm not 8pm). So, we wandered a scenic route back to the hostel.

Yesterday was the OSM mapping party. This went well, with 8 participants, and we got a fair bit more of the city done, but that's a post for OpenGeoData! We spent the evening having nice beer, and chatting :)

Now, we're enjoying the sights as we travel across the country by train, and very rarely getting a gps fix :/