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ApacheCon Europe 2009 - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ApacheCon Europe 2009 [Apr. 1st, 2009|06:41 pm]
Last week I was out in Amsterdam for my 4th ApacheCon Europe. Once again it was an excellent conference, with loads of interesting talks and people.

The Monday kicked the conference off with a BarCamp unconference. Despite only having the one room (ideally you'd have a few, and a breakout space), it went very well. We had a load of interesting talks and discussions, and it was a good learning experience ready for BarCamp Apache Oxford, which I'm helping to organise this coming weekend.

Wednesday's main theme was Hadoop and big data. In fact, one could say that the biggest theme and buzz of the whole conference was on open source technologies for large scale and cloud computing, and there certainly were a large number of excellent talks on these topics. The talks on Pig, HBase and CouchDb were very intersting on how you can store and query very large data volumes, and there were also good talks on building, scaling and dynamically managing your hadoop and similar clusters.

On the text/search side, the Lucene talks seemed even better than last year. Solr had a bigger presence than before, and the new clusterable, machine learning project Apache Mahout produced a lot of buzz.

Thursday saw the first of my talks, on the Django web application framework in python. I've been using this for several years, and really like it, so it was great to have a standing room only crowd come to the talk. Admitedly it was in the smaller room, but still, it's nice to see people standing and sat in the corridoor just to hear your talk!

I gave my second talk (well, 2nd proper talk, if we exclude the barcamp and lightning ones) on the Friday, covering the new features in my own project, Apache POI. A friday afternoon slot is always a harder one, as people are already heading off, so it was good to see a decent crowd staying on to listen. Many people seemed pleased to learn about our new features, which is always nice.

My slides should be going up on the main apachecon site shortly (they're already up in the all-slides bundle, but not yet individually), so in the mean time you can download the slides and sample django app from http://people.apache.org/~nick/Talks/ApacheConEu09/