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Oxford Geek Nights 13 [Jul. 19th, 2009|06:01 pm]
This Wednesday saw the 13th Oxford Geek Night, which I think was my 10th. The talk about graphing, public data and timetric.com was really interesting, and it's a shame the keynotes are only 15 minutes as I could've happily listened for longer. The HTML 5 one was good too, letting everyone know what's been going on since we all got bored and stopped following the comings and goings in detail as many of used to. Really must read up on XHMTL 5 when I get the chance! Some great microslots too, do check out the videos if you missed it :)

Pleasingly, the one free drink per attendee was back for this one (Google used to sponsor it, but sponsorship cuts meant it stopped a little while back). This time, the nice people at the Guardian Open Platform bought our beer, so a big thankyou to them!

The slightly hacky internet from a netbook, a 3g dongle and a fon router is getting quicker to put together, which is good as it looks like the previous pub-supplied wifi is gone for good. We now have a midly terrifying shell script to do the bulk of the setup, then all you need to do is bluetak the fontenna to the wall sufficiently high up, and find a safe spot for all the kit. Speed this time was bad as T Mobile sucks for reception, but we have a plan for next time (involving a number of 99p PAYG sim cards and an almost scientific signal strength test, followed by aquiring the appropriate PAYG 3g dongle for the winning network), so with any luck OGN14 will be back to fastish internet for all your tweckling....!

(As an aside, has anyone else noticed that T Mobile's reception is decidely rubbish anywhere an Oxford geek might want to use it? Firstly there's the lack of 3G coverage in most of Jericho - we were stuck on 2G / GPRS which is why the internet at geeknights was quite so slow. Their coverage along the Oxford - Reading railway line is almost non existant, and between Oxford and Charlbury they make Vodafone's patchy coverage look positively comprehensive. Finally this weekend I've noticed an almost complete absense of coverage on the Birmingham-Newcastle-Edinburgh route when not in a station, while my vodafone mobile manages more than half the time. All very dissapointing.)