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Upcoming Conferences [Sep. 21st, 2010|04:00 pm]
This weekend I was at the Apache Retreat in Hursley, near Winchester. As you would have hoped from a weekend-long conference with Tipis and the ground floor of a former stately home, it was a great event. See the photos for yourself! Several people asked me about what other conferences I was doing this year, so I thought I'd do a quick write up.

First up is the Alfresco Developer Conference in Paris, which is the 20th and 21st of October. It looks like I'm only going to be there for the Thursday now (owing to a Microsoft binary formats event), which is a shame as it's looking like a great two days. I'll be talking about two related Alfresco services, the Content Transformation Service and Metadata Extractor Service. I'll be looking at what these services do, how to make better use of them, and how to extend them. Quite a bit of this will be around the new work for 3.4 which uses Apache Tika to deliver support for a large number of new formats.

For more information on my talk, you can watch the video interview I've done as part of the conference promotion. More information on the event is at http://www.alfresco.com/about/events/devcon/

Two weeks later is ApacheCon in Atlanta. ApacheCon runs for the whole week, from Monday 1st to Friday 5th November (which means I can't be in New York for the 2nd Alfresco DevConf, why do these things always have to clash?). It's looking like a great conference, and I'm going to be quite busy there, talking, organising and attending! The Monday and Tuesday see the BarCamp un-conference, which should feature loads of great sessions and discussions on new and existing Apache technologies.

The main sessions run Wednesday - Friday, and here I'm running the "Content Technologies" track. I'm kicking off the track with an overview session, which should give an introduction to a lot of the many and varied content related projects at Apache. Hopefully, it'll also whet the appetite of people for the rest of the track! The track will then continue with talks on various content areas, from the new CMIS standard + Apache Chemistry project which helps you build applications backed by content stores, through PDFBox and POI, to how convert your application to be content driven. The chances are, your application deals with content somewhere, so come along and learn how Apache projects can help you!

Finally, I'm hoping to help with running an Apache BarCamp in Sydney in December. The Apache committers in Sydney are currently in the final stages of booking the venue, so hopefully this can be confirmed and announced shortly...