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GOTO Conference Aarhus - My Notes

Last week, I was at the GOTO Aarhus conference. My general overview of it is available here. For my much less exciting notes, read on...

Now, before I go onto my notes, a small apology. These are just basic notes and pointers on the things I either wanted to read up on later, or things I thought were important. They're not a complete summary of a session. GOTO had a lot of students there helping out, and some of them did an amazing job at note taking and summarising

There and Back Again - Software Security in the 21st Century - Brian Chess
  • To error is human

  • #1 education

  • #2 code review

Why Agile doesn't scale, and what you can do about it - Dan North
  • Local optimisations don't roll up

  • Agile doesn't have an opinion

  • Book Suggestion: Agile adoption patterns - Richard durnall

  • Book Suggestion: The leprechauns of software engineering - ebook

  • Book Suggestion: Beyond budgeting

  • Contextual consistency

  • Scaling is more than just small things bigger

  • Guiding principles, strong leadership

  • Crossing the chasm of credibility is hard

Why code in Node.js often gets rejected by SoundCloud
Inspired by this: I need to stop just reading little bits on Scala and Closure! Need to try some things in them

Connway's Law - organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

Something on data vis stuff (I forget which, sorry!)
Data description language (dsl)
Then from that to neo4j or similar to actually query
Allows for easy changes to db format
Closure macros for DSLs
Small team wins over big team when lots of knowledge needs to be shared
Ola Bini / @olabini
"Mocking without hangover"
"Hiding selenium in ui tests"

How to think about parallel programming - not!
~= an introduction to functional programming
Tail calls

javap - bytecode printer
Non capturing lambdas faster than inner classes
Capturing lambdas same as inner classes, but may improve later!

Code golf
Kingdom of Nouns

Scott Murray - d3 tutorials for non programmers
D3 academic paper

Risk Management
Architecture covers hard parts, critical parts, prototype then fix
Executable requirements and feedback
If you can't identify a consumer for it, you don't need to deliver it

Put it in the mission statement
Consider social justice issues
Start with program committee - needs to be diverse from there on down
Doesn't mean lowering the bar! Plenty of top notch speakers of all kinds
Women tend to say no more - tend to be more busy
Need to do outreach, work hard to get women to submit
CFP alone not enough to increase diversity
Speakers isn't a hard problem, though other parts are

Scala and Play
Syntax, naming, versioning and white space are fertile ground for bike shedding
"Marketing is a moral imperative"

"Out of the tar pit" mark and Mosley
State spoils testing. We test it anyway, as what else can we do?
"Generative testing"
Oop - less helpful when constraints must be enforced across objects
Immutable state instead of mutable state makes reasoning easier
Complexity through control still exists in FP
"Java repl"
"Functional reactive programming" - functional for UIs

"5 second rule" for presentation slides

5k / 10k art - tiny sized web apps and mobile
Pursue simplicity - avoid cognative load

Discussion with Trisha Gee
Spock - groovy, bdd test tool

Overall - I need to give more talks!
Tags: conferences, gotocon

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