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DVD Player [Apr. 30th, 2003|03:40 pm]
On Monday I went to get some more blank cds from my usual place, SVP, who incidently rock. I was browsing through their special offers looking for cheap cds, when I spotted they had a DVD player there for £50. A real, proper hardware dvd player, for only 50 squids.

This player was the Ronin p701. It looked very very nice for the money, and SVP said it was cheap because Ronin were trying to break into Europe, so were doing it as a loss leader.

On Monday night, I ordered one, along with some cds, and some dvds for labs.

Today I went into college, thankfully with a large bag. Despite picking the cheap shipping option, they were there. So was a door stop book on Cold Fusion from Torchbox. Lugged it all home (mile across Oxford at lunchtime, on a bike, in the rain, with too much stuff. Always fun....)

The player itself is really small. Smaller than I'd imaged, smaller than most other players I'd seen. Since it came with phono leads (instead of scart, which it does support), and I have no free scart sockets, I plugged it in on phono, and powered it up. In the parcel with the CDs was a note on how to make the player region free (hit setup -> 1369888 -> Region -> 0). Did I mention that SVP properly rock?

So, fed it the Matrix (r2). Played great. The lobby scene was pretty good, not quite as good as at my parents house (wide screen tv, surround sound), but for a student house, nice! Fed it Starship Troopers (r1). Played it without a hitch. So, does DVDs well, just like it say's on the tin.

After a spot of lunch, I felt daring. Gave it a VCD (real, proper VCD. Bought in a shop, with holograms on it and stuff). Played that fine. Gave it a data CD with mp3s on it. Played them too, but annoyingly didn't have a playlist feature, so you have to pick them one at a time.

Then, for the real killer. A data CD, with an mpeg burnt on it. Popped it in, held my breath. Up came the selection menu. "VCD - 24" it offered me. I selected it. Bam, there was the 24 logo, and I was watching this week's 24. Wow. This thing really really rocks. Plays mpegs on data cds, you can't ask for more than that.

In summing up, if you don't already have a hardware dvd player, spend the 50 quid and get one. Do it soon, before they sell out again, and up the price. If you do, well, give some though to getting a second one.... :-)

Did I mention that both SVP and the player rock, lots?

Updated 30/06/2003 - Just had someone email me about the code not working on a brand new player. It looks like the very newest firmware has a new code, 13798888. Hopefully that'll work on some of the newer ones