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Evil Google [May. 16th, 2003|07:23 pm]
[mood |gah!]
[music |05-Gloria (yup, NTWIC)]

I'm sat in labs trying to write some more of my thesis (yes, I do know it's just gone 7 on a friday night, but I didn't get in very early today owing to a dancing practice for tomorrow's varsity match, and I was in even later yesterday owing to a hangover). I'm trying to write about fitting Szz curves to give values of epsilon zero.

Now, completely aside from the fact that none of my plots against epsilon zero look any good (temperature dependencies of a factor of 1.7ish really aren't much help), I thought I ought to write about how once comes up with numbers for this quantity. And no, saying "I asked gus and he gave me them" isn't good enough, I have to write about how he got them.

So, off to google I toddled, and put in this search. Guess what comes up first? my f*cking journal!. Deary me google, don't you know that I wanted something other than my own pages!?!

In other news, all the plots against epsilon infinity are scarey. The, like, fall on straight lines, either with a T dependence or without, but always looking nice and simple. Mostly got that bit done now, and I've found the formula for getting epsilon infinity values....

Oh, and the variable density plots aren't bad either. Lots of other scary straight lines through my data. Good thing the epsilon zero data is so un-simple, or I'd be getting worried around now!

Now to go look elsewhere on google, before giving up and going home. I have found a livejournal client for my phone, so I need to install that before tomorrow (blogging from varsity dancing just has to be done)