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Homeless [Sep. 8th, 2002|10:46 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Lincoln Portrait - Copland]

It seems that as of 3 weeks time (i.e. when I return to Oxford), I'm homeless. I only found out late on Thursday (penultimate day of work), and so now have the stressful joy of trying to find somewhere to live before I go on holiday next week.

How did I get in this situation, you might wonder. Well, owing to College doing a major refurbishment project next year, I wasn't allocated a room in the ballot back in February, and was put on the waiting list. College said they couldn't give me a room until after they'd allocated them to the fresher undergrads, and both fresher and returning grads. This would normally be done within a month, and anyway, they always have a few rooms left over (all be it not the nicest ones, so we were told we might like to look for private accommodation).

The months rolled by, the allocation process took longer than normal (new person doing the job), but still they kept saying "well, we can't guarantee you a room, but I'm sure we'll have something to offer you". This rhetoric continued right the way through to Thursday, when they suddenly changed their tune.

Unfortunately, owing to A-Levels getting easier, they had more freshers than normal. This munched all the available rooms, and that was that. They have literally no spare rooms at all, and I have nowhere to live next year.


So, looks like I've got the joys of a weeks worth of house hunting. Such fun...

I don't suppose anyone needs or knows of someone needing a housemate in Oxford? Thought not :-(