August 28th, 2011

Upcoming Conferences

For anyone who doesn't hawkishly follow my Lanyrd upcoming events page, here's a quick round-up of some of the conferences I'm speaking at / helping with in the near future.

Coming up in just under a fortnight (mental note - must finish my talk...) is Transfer Summit, 7-8 September. Handily located in Keble, so no need to leave Oxford, this conference is back for it's 2nd year covering open source, open development, innovation and collaboration. Last year featured loads of very interesting talks, and this year's looking promising too. If you're interested in open source, open development, academic to business transitions for software, or just a fun conference in Oxford, come join us!

The weekend following Transfer Summit we have BarCampApacheOxford, once again being held in the University Club. This year we're on Sunday 11th September, with a meal the night before. As usual, we'll have a wide range of sessions, including (but not limited to!) ones on the Apache Software Foundation and it's projects. We'll also likely have things on mapping, Django, Arduino, OpenOffice, Paper Aeroplanes and listening to Satellites, so it should be a great mix! If you want to come, sign up on the wiki ASAP, so you can ensure you get one of the spots that includes a free lunch :)

A month later, I'm off to Amsterdam for a few days. On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October I'll be at GotoCon Amsterdam, mostly going to the great sessions on offer, but also talking as well. There's a good mix of sessions across lots of different areas of software development, and we've an Apache track on there too on the Friday. If you are thinking of coming, you can use the code burc200 for 20% off the registration price.

On Saturday 15th, the day after GotoCon, we're also doing an Apache Hackathon + mini BarCamp in Amsterdam. Hippo are kindly hosting us, and should be a fun chance to get Apache types from Europe together for a chat, some coding, and hopefully also share some knowledge amongst ourselves. It's open to not only Apache committers, but also anyone who contributes code or documentation to Apache (basically anyone on a dev list), sign up on the wiki and come along if you're in Amsterdam that weekend!

Next up is the Alfresco DevCon 2011 USA in San Diego. Not sure yet what I'm speaking on (though I think I'm down for a few sessions...). It's a chance to learn about developing solutions with and on top of Alfresco, in the lovely surroundings of San Diego, so who wouldn't want to go :)

Finally (for now, but possibly not for this year...) is ApacheCon NA 2011 in Vancouver, 7-11 November (plus hopefully a BarCamp on the 12th). We've an amazing set of speakers and talks lined up as usual, and it's looking promising for a great conference. Early bird rates end soon, so sign up!