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Starting Work [Jun. 30th, 2003|09:08 pm]
Well, today was my first day at work for Torchbox. I got there just after 10 as requested, and found it without too much trouble. Unfortunately, it really is about 15 miles from here, so I really will have trouble cycling there... However, that's a problem for a fortnight's time, since I have the car until then :-)

Started off with the usual introductions around the office, then fought to get my laptop online. It seems they don't have DNS or DHCP (but I hope to fix that tomorrow...), and no-one could remember the wireless settings! Ah well, just the sort of thing I'm good at fixing! After that, a few different people showed me around the time tracking and events tool, and the latest version of the content management system we (yes, it is now we!) sell. Quick spot of reading a technical document, then it was lunch.

Since the office is on a business park made up of converted farm buildings, and it's a small company, there's no such thing as a canteen (business opportunity perhaps?). So, someone rings up the sandwich shop in nearby Charlbury every day, and someone else drives out there to pick them up. Does mean most days are a desk lunch, since your only other option is to sit outside.

The afternoon saw more document reading, and a few meetings. Since this is a tech company, not a big american firm, the meetings were different to the usual ones I'm used to. Less focused, broader reaching things. There's not always a clear idea of what you're discussing at the start, and not always even by the end! (Usually you do have on in the middle, that said) However, there's no-one shouting "not on the agenda" or other unhelpful things, so you get to move around the topic, and cover more. However, it's going to take a little bit of adjusting....

Finally, I drew up a plan of what ideas I had for work to be done by me, or partly by me. I ranked them in order of the importance I see them in, and hopefully the others will agree. If so, I can start on setting up the likes of DHCP and DNS tomorrow, as well as an IMAP server (currently using POP from a remote server, eugh...), and a few other shiny network related tools and services. Should help increase company productivity, which always goes down well :)