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Supermarkets [Jul. 20th, 2003|07:14 pm]
[music |Avril Lavigne - 3 Sk8er Boi]

Went shopping this morning, as I was almost out of food.

While in Jericho, I mostly shopped at the Sainsbury's in the centre of town, and the Jericho Co-op. The Co-op was often a bit expensive for not on offer things, but had most things you'd want. Sainsbury's had a bit more, and was on the who cheaper.

Since being in Headington, I've been shopping to the Waitrose in Witney (very nice, but requires a car to get there, which I currently don't have), the Sainsbury's on the ring road (Hayford Hill, big, has most things you want, if only you can find it, and has looonnggg queues), and the Cowley Road Tesco's (has many nice things, but is at the bottom of the hill and Headington is it at the top).

So, today, I headed into Headington, and investigated the shops there. There's a Summerfields, and Co-Op, and a real 24/7 thingy. Since I'd found the Jericho Co-Op good, I went there. Alas, it was a disapointment. Despite being quite large, it didn't have everything I wanted, lacking many things the Jericho one has. So, I got most things, but by no means all, and I doubt I'll be back there.

I think that, while I don't have a car, I'm just going to have to put up with the hill, and shop at the Cowley Tesco's. Once I have a car, I can shop at the Witney Waitrose (it's about 5-10 minutes longer on the way to/from work, and you go a different route)

One thing in favour of the coop though - cheap TVs! They had a quite nice 14 inch stereo TV for about 70 quid, and most amazingly, a 28 inch widescreen TV for 200 pounds! Might end up getting it, once I move houses, if I don't have suitable TV access when the house is layed out.