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Houses [Jul. 20th, 2003|07:22 pm]
As mentioned before, I've moved to one of my Landlord's other houses. The Jericho house is undergoing major work, so I needed to move out. Planning to move in with Ganesh, Simon (lifesaving) and Anne (one of Simon's friends), but that won't be until September, so I needed somewhere else to go....

This new place is quite nice. It has a dishwasher for starters! Alas, it has no internet access (no phone line even, so I can't even do dial-up), and the TV in the lounge is a tiny thing without scart. Oh, and the soil in the garden is rubbish, so I've had to go buy new soil for one patch, so I can have my plants in it (that was fun, bought the sack of dirt, and it wouldn't fit into by rucksack, so I had to lie it on my bike frame and wheel it home carefully...). Still, not a bad place to spend a few months. Handy for getting to work, which is quite important!

We've been looking for new places for about a month now. It seems that there really aren't that many 4 bedroom houses in Oxford, which are nice and really have 4 bedrooms, not 3 and a broom cupboard. This is proving a little disapointing, as we're not having quite as many choices as we'd have liked.

One definate possibility for us is one of my landlord's houses, just around the corner from where I'm currently living. It's a 4.5 bedroom house, that's currently being done up. The layout downstairs is a bit odd (small lounge, huge bedroom), but all in all not too bad. Even been wired up with cat-5 already... We're currently giving it lots of thought, might end up taking it in a few weeks time (we're the only one's who've been shown it, landlord is waiting to finish it before advertising it, which is handy)

Oh, and it's a long way from Headington to Jericho when you're carrying a laptop... currently at Ross's, making use of my old house's internet access one last time :)