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Torchbox [Jul. 20th, 2003|07:35 pm]
Well, I've now been at Torchbox for 3 weeks. Still another 2 until I get paid though....

I have to say, it's a great place to work. Everyone there is really friendly, and it's a much more relaxed atmosphere to a big company. I mean, we have a table football table in the conference room, and we'll often have a few games during the day. How great is that?

The office is in a business park on a farm, near Charlbury. This does mean it's a 15 mile drive from Oxford, but you're going against the traffic in both directions, so you get to watch traffic jams as you fly past :) Also means you have a nice view of the countryside as you travel to work, and out of some of the office windows (those that don't look at other offices anyway!)

I'm currently working on a big project, to be delivered in the next few weeks. Before I started on this, I was doing a lot of systems stuff, installing and setting up services (mostly network related) to make more things possible / improve productivity etc. I've helped us move to a platform neutral source control system, which is handy, since I'm using Linux in the office :)

There's going to be more Cold Fusion programming than I'd expected, but it's not proving to be quite as evil as I thought it might be. It's very good for knocking up quick database and web things, but really sucks for other things. Still, I've also done some perl and some C (!), so I should have a nice mix, which is always nice

I've been making use of the dual heading my laptop can do, which is very snazy. We found an old 17 inch monitor, so I stretch my desktop over that. Alas it only does 1024x768 without flickering (laptop is 1400x1050), so things are different sizes on the two screens. Hopefully I can persuade them to get me a LCD which does 1280x1024, as then the two screens will be virtually the same pixel size. Maybe when I've earnt them some money....

The company is really friendly, have I mentioned that? We have a cupboard full of all sorts of Tea and Coffee. When we run low, whoever does the sandwich run (going to a very nice sandwich shop in Charlbury) buys more, from company petty cash. They're always happy to get new sorts, which is very nice.

Despite the fact that I'm working long hours (9-6 is typical), it just doesn't feel it. At Goldman's I was doing those hours, and you noticed it. At Torchbox, you're suprised when it's almost time to go home... Only possibly bad thing is the meetings - many of them are far less structured than at bigger companys. Sometimes this can be bad, but on some ocassions it's allowed us to cover important but not immediately related stuff. Not sure which style of meetings I prefere yet though, but both styles certainly have their strong points