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Freeview [Aug. 13th, 2003|09:38 am]
We interrupt our current programming of ranting about multi-threaded perl, to bring you news on Freeview (that's free to air digital terestrial TV, for those of you not up on UK TV stuff)

Where I'm currently living, we have a small, old TV in the lounge. Reception on it is shocking, and there's no NTL/Sky either (so no news24 or bbc4, which is pesky)

Yesterday, I meandered to the Curry's down the road, and purchased a freeview box. I opted for a packard bell one, which has 2 scart sockets, phono audio out, remote etc. All this for 80 quid.

Got it home, plugged in the arial to it, plugged the scart lead into the video, and a coax cable between the video and the TV (I said it was an old TV.... no scart sockets, which is pesky). Turned it on, and it found all the channels, always nice :)

Picture quality is stunning. It may be an ancient TV with dials to tune in, but there is no intereference, colours are nearly as bright as on an expensive tv, and what's more, we have a remote control!

I was also suprised by quite how many channels there are on freeview. Not only the usual BBC / ITV / C4 ones, but a fair number more. But, they're all showing rubish you say. Nay, I reply. I found one which showed an hour of dilbert cartoons last night, so how can that be bad :-)

Freeview good. Buy box if you have the money and are lacking NTL/sky.