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US TV [Sep. 1st, 2003|11:45 am]
[music |Counting Crows - Hanginaround]

Well, the line-ups are out, and it looks like I'll be in the US too early for all the season openers. The dates I've seen are:
  • Oct 1st - Smallville and Angel
  • Oct 28th - 24
  • Oct 3th - Tru Calling

So, that still gives me a little while to get through by box sets (Futurama season 1 rocks!) before the new seasons begin.

Now if only we could find the remote control for the dvd player... (it went missing after the DVD-a-thon which followed the house meal on Saturday night)

From: (Anonymous)
2003-09-01 09:59 am (UTC)


The season 3 box set is much better than the first 2 seasons - they've redesigned the interface somewhat, its better put together and there's even more subtle jokes if you look carefully. Season 2 is similar to the first, in terms of content I thought it was the weakest of the 3 currently out.

Anyway I've got them all here in the apartment if you get bored of New York (as if!)

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