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Behind the head headphones - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Behind the head headphones [Sep. 1st, 2003|02:04 pm]
[music |Abraham - 8 Heather]

While I'm in the office, I listen to music about half the time. I've been using quite a nice pair of in-ear headphones that came with my sony walkman many many years back, and they were quite nice, but didn't give the best sound quality.

So, when in town on Saturday, I bought a new pair of headphones. Opted for the "behind the head" headphone type. The ones with quite large padded speaker bits, and a stap that goes around the back of your head.

Not sure what I think of them quite yet. Sounds quality is good, better than in-ear ones by quite a bit. However, they fell, well, funny. Oh, and my ears aren't all that sure about having the top of the headphones clipped onto them all the time....