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We're here [Sep. 2nd, 2003|06:15 pm]
We're here, in New York. Sat in Ollie's appartment just round the corner from Wall Street. While Ollie works, mwahahaha....

Flight over was OK - quite full, but food was nice and 6 hours isn't too long to sit around. We got to see the departure boards at heathrow crash - they run on Win98 on Compaqs....

For now, it's snacking time, then off out to dinner with all the GS lot.

Getting from the airport to here was fun - we didn't realise that the station to change at had two names, so missed it, and had to go back there... On arrival, we popped round to the GS offices, only to discover that the system was sure Ollie was in London, doh! Luckily we bumped into Bruno, who told the nice man at security enough to allow us up. Ah well...