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Day 2 in NY - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 2 in NY [Sep. 3rd, 2003|06:31 pm]
It's wet here. Not full on rain most of the time, just a fine mist travelling near horizontally, which gets you wet. Most pesky...

Today, we did mid town. Time square, Central Park, 3 hours in the Met (supposedly a modern art museum, but really a mix of the V and A, British, National Gallery and Tate Modern). Looked round Macy's, went to the empire state but was told it was too cloudy, and looked all around the UN.

Lots of pictures were taken, they ought to be online later on

All in all, a pretty good day

Now, it's time to party!

(As an aside, I'm 5 hours behind time wise. Please remember this before ringing me.....)