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Swimming [Oct. 21st, 2003|10:02 am]
This morning, I went swimming at the new University pool.

I discovered a few things. Firstly, the time taken to get from bed to the car is less than I thought. Secondly, I'd forgotten just how much of a PITA de-icing your car is... Thirdly, I'd forgotten just how hard lots of swimming is when you haven't been for a while, especially if you've yet to have breakfast. Finally, I discovered that getting from the pool to work isn't as bad as it might seem.

Swimming in the pool was quite nice. They had 6 lanes - 4 single and 2 doubles, and surprisingly they were fairly full (it was 8am after all). I found a lane of the appropriate speed, and did a fair bit of swimming. The lack of fitness did hit me though, and I ended up getting out earlier than I'd planned. Still, nice swim, nice pool, nice facilities etc.

Traffic wise, the way to the pool is fine, as not many people are about. Getting to work isn't too bad, but I've yet to figure out the best route (I'm heading for the A44). I think it won't involve heading down Iffley road to the ring road, as traffic on round the ring road is bad. I think it'll involve cutting across Cowley road at some point, heading up Marston Road, then either coming on the ring road by my house, or heading round to Summertown to get on there.