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Why are British Gas such muppets? - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Why are British Gas such muppets? [Nov. 3rd, 2003|07:46 pm]
When we moved into our new house, we found our gas and electricity "supplier" (actually billing company, but who can contend with the advertising?) was British Gas. We promptly tried to switch.

From the new supplier end (Atlantic), the change was easy. They took our details, sent us helpful letters with change dates, accepted meter readings, all was fine.

Then, we received a gas bill from British Gas, for a period from when we moved in until after the change. Rang them up (on the new movers number listed on the bill) to ask why, and they started saying "not our fault, hasn't come through the system" and "can we do a credit check on you to sign you on as a customer". I was unimpressed, and "a manager will ring you back soon". Guess what, they didn't.

Then we got a different gas bill, this one a final one. It had the right dates, but the readings were totally wrong. Rang the number on that bill, spoke to someone there who assured me they had used the numbers they were sent, but took the correct ones anyway. Quick call to Atlantic, and they had the right numbers, and had sent them to the central meter place. Still waiting for British Gas to send us a correct final bill....

Today, we received an electricity bill from British Gas, covering up to the present. Gave them a call, and they claimed to have never heard of our electricity supplier change. So, called Atlantic, and they offered me all sorts of reference numbers they'd given to the central people. They agreed to send the numbers through again.

Gah, why can't changing be easy? Why are British Gas being quite so muppet?