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More Tru Calling [Nov. 19th, 2003|09:29 pm]
Now seen the 3rd episode, and it's definitely looking like a good series now. It even gets the girlfriend rating of approval (when asked the question "do you want to watch 24 or Tru Calling", the answer was Tru Calling).

Only pesky thing is that the versions I have suffer from lagged sound, lagged by about 0.9 seconds (found from experimentation). Playing them on xine, mplayer, or the dvd player downstairs shows this up. Playing them on Simon's windows box doesn't.

Luckily, there is a fix for linux:
mplayer -delay -0.9 tru_calling-1x03.avi

From: dr_tisme
2003-11-23 11:32 am (UTC)

xine fix

After having looked through the man page - for those xine users amongst us, press the n key a few times to get the time in sync (m key to go back if you over shoot). I found getting the number lag to 57600 was watchable :)
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