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Shopping [Nov. 22nd, 2003|07:30 pm]
Just got back from an afternoon of shopping in town, with Hilary. Not too many people clogging up the shops, which was nice (though it was still quite busy).

The more fashion conscious people in my life may be pleased to know I've bought some new, nice light coloured tops, along with a few other things. Next Seconds (where C&A used to be, in the Westgate centre) is a great place. Might have no changing rooms, might have a slightly odd selection, but has quite a bit, and you always seem to end up paying even less than you expected to....

Also did a bit of Christmas shopping. Yes, I know it's early and scarily organised. However, my next few weekends are looking busy, and I'd rather not have to go shopping on a weekend any closer to Christmas. I will have to though, since I didn't get everything, but I have now broken the back of it.

I found a few shops I didn't know about today. Firstly, the herbs and oils and stuff shop opposite Argos, and the health food shop in the Westgate, near Whittards. Both had lots of nice things in them, and I could probably spend even more if I were to go back....

Final observation of the trip - where else but Oxford would you find a gaggle of 12-14 year old girls, in a coffee shop in a book shop, loitering post shopping? Don't they have a street corner, or perhaps McDonalds? Coffee shop in a book shop indeed, what is the world coming to? ;-)