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Life, The Universe And Everything - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Life, The Universe And Everything [Nov. 5th, 2002|12:04 pm]
[mood |working]
[music |Sting - If I ever Lose my Faith in You]

So, I'm sat in the lab all alone (everyone else got to the seminar a few moments ahead of me, and grabbed the last chairs). Currently, I'm supposed to be analysing my results, so I can compare them to experiment. However, they don't seem correct to me, so I'm going to need to look at them some more to be sure, before going to lengths to calculate things from them.

Anyway, seemed like a good time to post an LJ entry.

My house now has heating, how cool is that? Heating engineer #1 finally turned up, claimed he'd been before but couldn't do anything because of the electricians (strange, they said he hadn't come at all, and I'm inclined to trust them...), took a look at it, ignored our comments, and headed off for some crucial parts, claiming to be back withing a few days. We weren't impressed with this, so we told our wicked landlord. So, heating engineer #2 came along. We told him our thoughts and tests on the system, he listened and went and checked. We were right, #1 was wrong, so he fixed it all, and it all works.

Well, actually, not quite all. With the heating working (needed more water, tank was dry), we turned it all back on again. However, the timer thingy had broken in the mean time, doh! So, waiting for a new one of them to appear. Oh, and also waiting for the painter to come in and make good the mess left by the electricians re-wiring the house.

Speaking of rewiring, we now have ethernet everywhere in the house. Seems to all be working fine, so now we just need the nice man from NTL to turn up (supposedly all happening Thursday afternoon), and all will be shiny and sparkling.

Social wise, I've been missing Buffy, Angel etc (blame for being away), but I've been organising and running a big lifesaving competition, then enjoying the social afterwards. All was good. Also been going to lots of company presentations, trying to decide between doing a DPhil, or going to work in IT in the City. Small differences between the two of them.... makes the choice that bit harder.... :(

Right, time to go crunch some data, look at some particles, and try to figure out why the viscosity just isn't playing nicely with the other children.

[User Picture]From: malenfant
2002-11-05 09:57 am (UTC)


I'm having trouble getting this week's episodes. The copy of 4x05 I've got crashes everything I try to open it with, and every time I try to download 7x06 (no Buffy last week), my internet connection or the server's internet connection breaks. Meanwhile, I haven't got hold of the Fireflies that aired whilst I was in the states; in fact, I managed to miss last friday's episode despite actually being in the right country.

I do have 4x04, at least.

Anyway, I'll see how many I can get my hands on by saturday. You still need to mail me to remind me exactly what you've got.
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